segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Meeting of collector comic book

Hei, guys…

I had a amazing weekend, me, my boyfriend e my best friends were in two greats meetings.
Saturday, we went to 3º meeting  of collectors comic books of RS – Brasil. So fun find another fans and spend time with this guys and girls. We lunch barbecue with brand and pie in dissert. Here, some photos.

And today, we lunch in Japanese culture center. Was happening a bazzar. No much thing to see, but was funny with my friends. Check my photos:

Here me, 7 ( ) and Annie (   ):

Here me and my Love:

And in this week, I received my Sailor Moon – figuart and my gashapons!!! ^^ And more photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes, this post only have photos of my thing, sorry. ^^”)

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